The Netherlands Compensation Commission Potočari is the independent administrator of the Srebrenica civil-law settlement arrangement. Here you will find more information about matters such as the content of the arrangement and the claim procedure.


When can I submit a request?

The State of the Netherlands has introduced a civil-law settlement arrangement to implement the Dutch Supreme Court judgment of 19 July 2019. That judgment held the State liable for 10 percent of the damages of the surviving relatives of the deceased male refugees who were in the Dutchbat compound in Potočari in the late afternoon of 13 July 1995.

The civil-law settlement arrangement offers surviving relatives of the male victims a convenient way to receive a compensation payment without having to start court proceedings or without hiring a lawyer (unless you want to do so). If you make use of this arrangement, you don’t need to embark on long, costly court proceedings to determine the amount of your damages. The civil-law settlement arrangement is based on standard compensation amounts as determined by the Dutch State. The amount for a wife or partner of a victim is € 15,000. A child, parent, and brother or sister of a victim are eligible for a compensation payment of € 10,000.

In order to be eligible for compensation, you need to fulfil a number of conditions. Surviving first-degree relatives of more than one victim may submit more than one claim. First-degree relatives are the spouse or partner, parents, or children of a victim. For example, a mother who lost both her spouse and her son may submit a claim for both relatives, as may a parent who lost more than one child. A separate claim must be submitted for each victim.

You may believe that your damages exceed the two amounts mentioned above. You also have the option of filing a civil suit against the Dutch state for possible compensation. If you pursue that option, you must not submit a compensation claim under this arrangement.

Only surviving relatives who suffered damages due to the death of a male refugee who was in the Dutchbat compound in the late afternoon of 13 July 1995 are eligible. The possibility of submitting a claim is non-transferrable. The arrangement is not open to heirs of relatives mentioned in the arrangement.

If you are eligible for compensation for the victim to whom the request relates, you will be offered a settlement agreement. Signing the settlement agreement will have consequences for you. First: you will receive the compensation payment. Second: you can no longer successfully file a claim with the civil court against the Dutch State for the unlawful acts established in the judgment of 19 July 2019, against a victim for whom you have received a settlement.

Under Claims you can find out how to start the claim procedure. Fill in a claim form. You will need to submit documents to demonstrate that you comply with the conditions of the settlement arrangement. Under Documents you can read about the written documents we will ask you to provide. Make sure that you include the correct documents with your claim.

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